“Live up into s…

Published August 7, 2013 by Chikay ♥♥♥

Today is the Day, You have made . I will rejoice and be glad in it. I won’t worry about tomorrow, I trust you Lord in what you say.

Jobelle Anne

“Live up into something you believe even if the odds of winning is against you”

-Ma’am Jemelyn

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“There’s no doubt about…

Published September 15, 2012 by Chikay ♥♥♥

“There’s no doubt about it, everyone goes through stressful periods in life. You can choose to face these times with grace, good humor and fortitude, or you can allow the stress to overwhelm you. Sometimes a few words of inspiration can change your perspective and give you the strength to carry on through adversity. Perhaps one of the following affirmations will help you reclaim your serenity.”



yea . being a true student is what I feel this time 🙂 lots of activities and projects for FINAL requirement is to be accomplished. ohmy! burning midnight candles & waking up early are the things that I never do in my past years . This time, SERIOUSNESS is what I must do for my future goal . Nothing to Worry because I know that I have my GOD . He can be counted on 🙂  anytime, anywhere .  We just have to be MORE FAITHFUL and not forget to PRAISE HIM and GIVE HIM THANKS for everything that He has done 😛

<3 Superman

Published March 5, 2012 by Chikay ♥♥♥



Superman is my favorite superhero. why? because Superman could do anything. If there was someplace he didn’t want to be, he could just fly away. And he couldn’t be hurt, which to a kid who got beat up pretty regularly in fights and elsewhere was a pretty attractive idea. Superman taught me the morals and ethics I draw up on to this day: to play fair, not to lie, and to be willing to put yourself between harm and those you care about.

LoveHoroscope (LEO)

Published February 17, 2012 by Chikay ♥♥♥

–The powerful Leo is all set to have a splendid year. Your love life is on slide, so be careful. Proud as you are, you seldom notice people around you. Not that it’s your fault as you are too busy tending yourself and that’s not a sin. Time urges you to pay attention to your loved one. Spend some time noticing the not-so-important things in your partner. Appreciate the efforts of your dear one and see the magic of love engulf you. To make this happen however, you need to control your mood swings. These may hamper a good relationship too. A strong bond may fall apart if you can’t handle your anger. Save your relation from going down South this year. Being the sign of strength you will yourself bear the storm. Reasoning well and offering more love can solve your problem. Support and sympathy from friends and family are in plenty. Though, you will choose not to notice and act on your own.

Love life is not that bad for Leons who are managing themselves well. Mercury and Venus are there on your sunsign along with the moon and the sun, urging you to have a rocking love life. Practice diplomacy when you have to deal with sensitive topics relating to love life. You can expect someone special to enter your life soon. You will actually attract that special someone. Romance and passion are at high. People under Leo will also revive old ties, improve estranged relationships and get the family together with their love and sincere effort. Leo loves to be in control and needs a partner who is ready to enjoy the control. Leo is compatible with Virgo, Libra, Cancer and Gemini. Leo is not romantically compatible with Aries, Aquarius, Taurus and Capricorn.


Published February 3, 2012 by Chikay ♥♥♥

The result of our midterm exam made me dismayed because I got low scores in our exam especially in our research subject whom I did’nt expect that I will be one of the student who got low score because eventhough the exam was not that easy, for me,  I answered it carefully thinking  my answers were correct!  tsk. well, that’s life. I know I can overcome with that and I am now looking forward for the final exams. It’s not yet the end, God is Good . Have Faith! I’ll just pray for his guidance ^_^

February is “LOVE MONTH” <3

Published February 2, 2012 by Chikay ♥♥♥

It has been a tradition for us Filipinos to celebrate and show our love to our special someone on this very romantic event which happens every 14th day of this month. Lovers are seeing everywhere in public areas like plazas turned into lovers lane or wherever they choose to have a date. Husband and wives are not exempted celebrating the Valentine’s Day. I think immediate thoughts go to heart related things. Valentine, I must admit, is one of my favorite monthly commemoration because it is a time to express love to that special individual.

For everyone that are falling in love, may your love came true and for everyone who’re they love came true, I hope that the love last long still. And for everyone that’re don’t have any boyfriend or girlfriend anymore, don’t be sad okay? Because God must have give you a better way than before, maybe a better partner in life. Just don’t forget to pray.

Love month is just around the corner! Love starts in you! Love your self more so you’ll be able to extend that great feeling to other people. And it starts by taking care of yourself. Have a blessed and meaningful “love month.”